We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1European Society of Contact Dermatitis guideline for diagnostic patch testing - recommendations on best practiceContact Dermatitis, July 30, 2015  Review Article
2Dexamethasone but not tacrolimus suppresses TNF-α-induced thymic stromal lymphopoietin expression in lesional keratinocytes of atopic dermatitis modelJournal of Dermatological Science, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
3The immunogenetics of psoriasis: a comprehensive reviewJournal of Autoimmunity , July 30, 2015  Review Article
4The infectious and noninfectious dermatological consequences of flooding: a field manual for the responding providerAmerican Journal of Clinical Dermatology, July 30, 2015  Review Article
5Melanins and melanogenesis: from pigment cells to human health and technological applicationsPigment Cell & Melanoma Research, July 30, 2015  Review Article
6Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in patients with mucosal lichen planus: a case–control studyAmerican Journal of Clinical Dermatology, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
7High diversity of non-sporulating moulds in respiratory specimens of immunocompromised patients: should all the species be reported when diagnosing invasive aspergillosis?Mycoses, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
8A (heat) shocking development: FBXW7 loss unleashes HSF1 to drive melanoma invasion and metastasisPigment Cell & Melanoma Research, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
9RAC1 P29S regulates PD-L1 expression in melanomaPigment Cell & Melanoma Research, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article

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We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Intracellular microlasers could allow precise labeling of up to a trillion individual cellsMassachusetts General Hospital, July 30, 2015
2Yale study identifies 'major player' in skin cancer genesYale School of Medicine News, July 29, 2015
3FDA approves new treatment for most common form of advanced skin cancerFDA Press Announcements, July 27, 2015
4Georgetown physician leads national melanoma studyGeorgetown University Medical Center News, July 22, 2015
5Yale researchers beat untreatable eczema with arthritis drugYale School of Medicine News, July 21, 2015
6Ultrasound accelerates skin healing - especially for diabetics and the elderlyThe University of Sheffield News, July 20, 2015
7Nanoparticles used to prevent inflammatory acne through slow-released nitric oxideGeorge Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences News, July 20, 2015
8Dermatologist offers unique treatment for vitiligo skin discolorationUT Southwestern Medical Center, July 20, 2015
9Veterans returning from Middle East face higher skin cancer riskVanderbilt University Medical Center Research News, July 20, 2015
10Researchers at Penn develop scar-like culture systems to understand and treat fibrosisUniversity of Pennsylvania News, July 20, 2015

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Pantothenic acid effective for acne

As reported in Dermatology and Therapy, a pantothenic acid-based dietary supplement for 12 weeks reduced the total lesion count, number of inflammatory lesions, and DLQI in patients with mild-to-moderate acne (n=41) compared to placebo.

Psoriasis associated with NAFLD in elderly

As reported in the Journal of the American Academy for Dermatology, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is more common in patients > 55 years of age with psoriasis. The prevalence of NAFLD in patients with and without psoriasis was 46.2% and 33.3% (OR = 1.7), respectively.

Infliximab effective in treatment of plaque-type psoriasis

As reported in the British Journal of Dermatology, of patients with plaque-type psoriasis (n=660) treated with infliximab (5 mg/kg) at weeks 0, 2, and 6, then q 8 weeks through week 50, 56.8% achieved PASI 75, 71.6% of whom maintained the response through week 98. Of patients who achieved PASI 75 by week 14, 64.7% maintained the response through week 50. Of patients who did not achieve PASI 75 by week 50, 66.3% achieved PASI 75 by week 98.

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocUV radiation is the main environmental modifiable risk factor for melanoma.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocPatients with sepsis after cosmetic procedures may have rapidly growing mycobacteria.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocPretreatment of psoriatic plaques with petrolatum may enhance the therapeutic outcome of NB-UVB.

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