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1 Digoxin treatment is associated with increased total and cardiovascular mortality in anticoagulated patients with atrial fibrillation International Journal of Cardiology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

2 Effect of the natural sweetener, steviol glycoside, on cardiovascular risk factors: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, November 26, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article

3 Efficacy and safety of angiotensin receptor blockers in older patients: a meta-analysis of randomized trials American Journal of Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article    Clinical Article

4 The Flatstent versus the conventional umbrella devices in the percutaneous closure of patent foramen ovale Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

5 Culprit vessel versus multivessel intervention at the time of primary percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with ST-segment–elevation myocardial infarction and multivessel disease: real-world analysis of 3984 patients in London Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

6 β-blockers and cardiovascular events in patients with and without myocardial infarction Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, November 26, 2014

7 Predicted 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease at the state level in the U.S. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

8 Double-blinded, randomised controlled trial of N-acetylcysteine for prevention of acute kidney injury in high risk patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass Nephrology, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

9 Effect of long-term antihypertensive treatment on white-coat hypertension Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

10 Effect of preoperative P2Y12 and thrombin platelet receptor inhibition on bleeding after cardiac surgery British Journal of Anesthesia, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

11 Long-term effects of 4 popular diets on weight loss and cardiovascular risk factors Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

12 Hypertension control and antihypertensive therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease American Journal of Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

13 Prognosis after first-time myocardial infarction in patients with inflammatory bowel disease according to disease activity Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

14 Effect of low salt diet on insulin resistance in salt-sensitive versus salt-resistant hypertension Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

15 Relationship between cerebral blood flow and blood pressure in long-term heart transplant recipients Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

16 Increases in plasma 25(OH)D levels are related to improvements in body composition and blood pressure in middle-aged subjects after a weight loss intervention: Longitudinal study Clinical Nutrition, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

17 Protein kinase G I(alpha) oxidation paradoxically underlies blood pressure lowering by the reductant hydrogen sulfide Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

18 Biophysical characterization of the underappreciated and important relationship between heart rate variability and heart rate Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

19 Prenatal hypoxia leads to increased muscle sympathetic nerve activity, sympathetic hyperinnervation, premature blunting of neuropeptide y signaling, and hypertension in adult life Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

20 Tumor necrosis factor-(alpha) produced in the kidney contributes to angiotensin II–dependent hypertension Hypertension, November 26, 2014    Clinical Article

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Highlights in Cardiology

Vitamin D supplementation improves ejection fraction

As reported in Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases, vitamin D supplementation (4000 IU/d of cholecalciferol x 6 months) of vitamin D-deficient heart failure patients (n=23) resulted in an increase in the ejection fraction compared to placebo (6.7 vs. -4.3%).

Muscle strength in adolescence decreases CVD risk

As reported in BMC Medicine, adolescents (n=38588) with the highest tertile of muscle strength had a decreased risk of CVD (HR=0.88) compared to adolescents with the lowest tertile of muscle strength after 42 y of follow-up. Of note, low muscle strength in adolescence by itself had no effect on CVD risk in middle age (HR=0.99). In contrast, high muscle strength in adolescence significantly decreased the risk of CVD in middle age (HR=1.31).

Fructosamine and glycated albumin predict incident diabetes

As reported in The Lancet, fructosamine and glycated albumin > 95th percentile predicted incident diabetes (HR=4.96 and 6.17, respectively) and retinopathy and chronic kidney disease among 958 and 11348 patients with and without diabetes, respectively, followed for 20 years.

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