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We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants and major bleeding-related fatality in patients with atrial fibrillation and venous thromboembolism: a systematic review and meta-analysisHeart, July 27, 2015  Evidence Based Medicine  Review Article
2Continuous-time semi-Markov models in health economic decision making: an illustrative example in heart failure disease managementMedical Decision Making, July 27, 2015  Clinical Article
3Statin initiation and acute kidney injury following elective cardiovascular surgery: A population cohort study in Denmark European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, July 27, 2015  Clinical Article
4Amiodarone after surgical ablation for atrial fibrillation: Is it really necessary? A prospective randomized controlled trialThe Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, July 27, 2015  Clinical Article
5Cangrelor: A Review in Percutaneous Coronary InterventionDrugs, July 27, 2015  Review Article
6Prognostic value of coronary computed tomography angiography in diabetic patients without chest pain syndromeJournal of Nuclear Cardiology, July 27, 2015  Clinical Article
7Efficacy of carpentier-edwards pericardial prostheses: a systematic review and meta-analysisInternational Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, July 27, 2015  Evidence Based Medicine
8The effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent infectious endocarditis is not easily dismissedOral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, July 27, 2015  Review Article
9Hyperinsulinemic normoglycemia does not meaningfully improve myocardial performance during cardiac surgery: A randomized trialAnesthesiology, July 27, 2015  Clinical Article
10Variation in Chest Pain Emergency Department Admission Rates and Acute Myocardial Infarction and Death Within 30 Days in the Medicare PopulationAcademic Emergency Medicine, July 27, 2015  Clinical Article

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We have Ranked, Sorted and Summarized the Latest Clinical Articles.

1Menopause associated with more fat around heart, raising risk for heart diseaseUPMC, July 24, 2015
2Can migraine increase your risk of stroke?American Academy of Neurology News, July 24, 2015
3UA to boost cardiac rescue in IndiaUniversity of Arizona Health News, July 23, 2015
4Blood vessels can actually get better with ageUniversity of Missouri School of Medicine News, July 23, 2015
5Is CTA-verified high-risk plaque a predictor for ACS?American College of Cardiology News, July 23, 2015
6Study: Popular new blood thinners drive increase in atrial fibrillation treatmentUniversity of Michigan Health System, July 23, 2015
7African-Americans face twice the rate of sudden cardiac arrest, compared to CaucasiansCedars-Sinai, July 22, 2015
8Inflammatory link discovered between arthritis and heart valve diseaseThe Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research News, July 22, 2015
9Professor awarded $2.2 million grant to develop clear blood pressure displayUniversity of Missouri School of Medicine News, July 22, 2015
10Stem cell therapy shows promise in small clinical trial for rare lung diseaseOttawa Hospital Research Institute News, July 22, 2015

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Fructosamine and glycated albumin predict incident diabetes

As reported in The Lancet, fructosamine and glycated albumin > 95th percentile predicted incident diabetes (HR=4.96 and 6.17, respectively) and retinopathy and chronic kidney disease among 958 and 11348 patients with and without diabetes, respectively, followed for 20 years.

AGEs increase cardiovascular risk in T2DM

As reported in Diabetes, elevated advanced glycation end products increase the risk for incident cardiovascular events (HR=1.31) in type 2 diabetics (n=218).

Rho-associated kinase activity is a biomarker for cardiovascular events

As reported in Hypertension, rho-associated kinase activity is an independent predictor of cardiovascular events. The study involved 633 patients undergoing routine health screening examinations with a median follow-up of 42 months. There were 29 cardiovascular-related deaths, 2 myocardial infarctions, 20 revascularizations, 15 strokes, and 17 hospitalizations for heart failure. The HRs for first cardiovascular event, death, stroke, and revascularization were 2.19, 2.57, 2.14, and 2.68, respectively.

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocIV drug use has increased in the last 30 years among women who are diagnosed with infective endocarditis during pregnancy or post-pregnancy.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocIn patients with systolic heart failure being treated with losartan, development of renal impairment, hyperkalemia, or hypertension is associated with increased mortality

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocInterlobular septal thickening and pleural effusion are independent predictors of elevated BNP in patients with CHF.

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