Beneficial effect of combination therapy with an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor plus verapamil on circulating resistin levels in hypertensive patients with type 2 diabetes

Experimental and Clinical Cardiology, 01/16/2013

This study aimed to compare the effect of trandolapril (T) and its fixed–dose combination with verapamil (FDTV) on resistin levels in hypertensive, type–2 diabetic patients. Results showed that FDTV resulted in a greater reduction in resistin levels than T treatment alone.


  • Forty type–2 diabetic patients with never–treated hypertension were randomly assigned to two groups.
  • One group received FDTV 2 mg/180 mg once per day; the other group received T 2 mg once per day.
  • Study drugs were administered for three months in both groups.
  • Resistin levels were measured using ELISA at the beginning of the study and at study end.
  • Patients were evaluated monthly for blood pressure, fasting serum glucose levels and adverse events.
  • Statistical analysis was performed using ANOVA.


  • All patients experienced a significant reduction in blood pressure.
  • Both therapeutic regimens reduced resistin levels; however, FDTV treatment resulted in a greater decrease in resistin levels (mean [± SD] 25.5±13 ng/mL to 17.2±10 ng/mL) when compared with T treatment (22.4±12 ng/mL to 18.5±8 ng/mL) (P<0.05).
  • None of the patients experienced an adverse event.

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