Effects of a vildagliptin/metformin combination on markers of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and inflammation in diabetic patients with coronary artery disease

Cardiovascular Diabetology, 06/08/2012

Demonstrating antiatherothrombotic properties of dipeptidyl peptidase–4 inhibitors on proven markers is of substantial clinical significance. Coupled with their proven good safety profile these findings could translate into a significant clinical benefit.

  • Authors plan to prospectively investigate the effects of dipeptidyl peptidase–4 inhibition with vildagliptin on a number of atherothrombotic markers and adipokines in patients with proven atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes.
  • The selected markers are: interleukin–6, high sensitivity C reactive protein, interleukin 1–beta, total adiponectin levels, matrix metallo–proteinase 9 and platelet reactivity testing.
  • Sixty eligible patients will be randomized in a 2:1 ratio to vildagliptin/metformin or metformin only treatment, for a 3–month duration treatment.
  • Blood sampling for the proposed investigations will be taken at enrollment and immediately after completion of the study period.

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