Should hypertensive patients take vitamin D?

Current Hypertension Reports, 06/04/2012

Evidence from randomized controlled trials specifically designed to test the hypothesis of a blood pressure lowering effect of vitamin D is weak. Therefore, there is actually not enough evidence to recommend giving vitamin D to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

  • The prevalence of both hypertension and vitamin D deficiency is high.
  • The discovery of the vitamin D receptor and its possible effects on components of the cardiovascular system influencing blood pressure, such as the renin angiotensin system, the heart, the kidney and the blood vessels, has generated the hope that vitamin D therapy could be a new target for the treatment for hypertensive patients.
  • Cross–sectional studies have clearly shown an association between low levels of vitamin D and hypertension.
  • This association is not as clear in longitudinal studies.

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