Estimation of plasma apolipoprotein B concentration using routinely measured lipid biochemical tests in apparently healthy Asian adults

Cardiovascular Diabetology, 05/25/2012

Cho DS et al. – The equation for predicting apo B concentrations from routine analytical lipid biochemistry provides a simple method for obtaining precise information about an important cardiovascular risk marker.


  • The authors examined the clinical and laboratory data from 73,047 Koreans who underwent a medical health check that included apolipoprotein B concentration.
  • The study sample was randomly divided into a training set for prediction model building and a validation set of equal size.
  • Multivariable linear regression analysis was used to develop a prediction model equation for estimating apo B and to validate the developed model.


  • The best results for estimating apo B were derived from an equation utilising LDL and triglyceride (TG) concentrations [ApoB=-33.12+0.675*LDL+11.95*ln(tg)].
  • This equation predicted the apo B result with a concordance correlation coefficient (CCC and 95%CIs) = 0.936 (0.935,0.937)).

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