In-hospital death in acute coronary syndrome was related to admission glucose in men but not in women

Cardiovascular Diabetology, 05/04/2012

Death was greater in hyperglycemic men compared to lower blood glucose men and women groups, but there was no differences between women groups in respect to glycemia after adjustment for coronary risk factors.


  • ACS patients (363 women and 596 men) were grouped based on glycemia above or below 200 mg/dL and gender: men with glucose lower than 200 mg/dL (MMHG); women with glucose lower than 200 mg/dL (WMHG); men with glucose greater or equal to 200 mg/dL (MHHG); and women with glucose greater or equal to 200 mg/dL (WHHG).
  • A logistic regression analysis compared the relation between gender and glycemia groups and death, adjusted for coronary risk factors and laboratory data.


  • MMHG had lower mortality than MHHG (OR=0.172, IC95% 0.062–0.478), and WHHG (OR=0.275, IC95% 0.090–0.841); WMHG mortality was lower than MHHG (OR=0.230, IC95% 0.074–0.717).
  • No difference was found between MHHG vs WHHG (p=0.461), or WMHG vs WHHG (p=0.110).
  • Age (OR=1.067, IC95% 1.031–1.104), EF (OR=0.942, IC95% 0.915–0.968), and serum creatinine (OR=1.329, IC95% 1.128–1.566) were other independent factors related to in–hospital death.

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