Discovery and Management of Diaphragmatic Hernia Related to Abandoned Epicardial Pacemaker Wires in a Pregnant Woman with {S,L,L} Transposition of the Great Arteries

Congenital Heart Disease, 05/03/2012

The patient's abdominal pain was attributed to herniation of abdominal contents through a diaphragmatic defect at the site of the abandoned epicardial pacing wire. Her pain improved spontaneously but worsened later in pregnancy leading to repair of the diaphragmatic hernia via anterolateral thoracotomy at 30 weeks gestation. The procedure was well tolerated by mother and fetus. At 38 3/7 weeks gestation, the patient underwent uneventful delivery by cesarean section for breech presentation. This case illustrates the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration in the care of women with congenital heart disease.

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