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1 The preventive effect of atorvastatin on atrial fibrillation: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials Full Text BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, August 27, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article    Clinical Article

2 A randomized trial comparing dual axis rotational versus conventional coronary angiography in a population with a high prevalence of coronary artery disease Journal of Interventional Cardiology, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

3 Relation of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol:apolipoprotein A-I ratio to progression of coronary atherosclerosis in statin-treated patients The American Journal of Cardiology, August 27, 2014

4 Systematic review and meta-analysis of the prevalence of resistant hypertension in treated hypertensive populations American Journal of Hypertension, August 27, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article

5 Perioperative atrial fibrillation and the long-term risk of ischemic stroke JAMA, August 27, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Clinical Article

6 Does lowering blood pressure with antihypertensive therapy preserve independence in activities of daily living? a systematic review American Journal of Hypertension, August 27, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article    Clinical Article

7 Effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in the acute phase of kawasaki disease Pediatric Cardiology, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

8 Robot-assisted remote echocardiographic examination and teleconsultation: A randomized comparison of time to diagnosis with standard of care referral approach JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

9 A novel design biodegradable stent for use in congenital heart disease Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

10 Treatment of hypertension and metabolic syndrome: lowering blood pressure is not enough for organ protection, new approach-arterial destiffening Current Hypertension Reports, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

11 Apolipoprotein-containing lipoprotein subclasses and subclinical atherosclerosis In systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) Arthritis Care & Research , August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

12 Treatment of preeclampsia: current approach and future perspectives Current Hypertension Reports, August 27, 2014    Review Article

13 Contribution of homeostatic chemokines CCL19 and CCL21 and their receptor CCR7 to coronary artery disease Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

14 A case of aortic and mitral valve involvement in granulomatosis with polyangiitis Cardiovascular Pathology, August 27, 2014

15 Bleeding rates in Veterans Affairs patients with atrial fibrillation who switch from warfarin to dabigatran American Journal of Medicine, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

16 Thrombosis formation on atherosclerotic lesions and plaque rupture Journal of Internal Medicine, August 27, 2014    Review Article

17 Adoption of cardiovascular risk reduction guidelines: a cluster-randomized trial Pediatrics, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

18 Subdural hemorrhage and hypoxia in infants with congenital heart disease Pediatrics, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

19 Anaphylaxis and cardiovascular diseases: a dangerous liaison Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, August 27, 2014    Clinical Article

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Clinical Pearls in Cardiology

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Highlights in Cardiology

Rho-associated kinase activity is a biomarker for cardiovascular events

As reported in Hypertension, rho-associated kinase activity is an independent predictor of cardiovascular events. The study involved 633 patients undergoing routine health screening examinations with a median follow-up of 42 months. There were 29 cardiovascular-related deaths, 2 myocardial infarctions, 20 revascularizations, 15 strokes, and 17 hospitalizations for heart failure. The HRs for first cardiovascular event, death, stroke, and revascularization were 2.19, 2.57, 2.14, and 2.68, respectively.

Fructosamine and glycated albumin predict incident diabetes

As reported in The Lancet, fructosamine and glycated albumin > 95th percentile predicted incident diabetes (HR=4.96 and 6.17, respectively) and retinopathy and chronic kidney disease among 958 and 11348 patients with and without diabetes, respectively, followed for 20 years.

Muscle strength in adolescence decreases CVD risk

As reported in BMC Medicine, adolescents (n=38588) with the highest tertile of muscle strength had a decreased risk of CVD (HR=0.88) compared to adolescents with the lowest tertile of muscle strength after 42 y of follow-up. Of note, low muscle strength in adolescence by itself had no effect on CVD risk in middle age (HR=0.99). In contrast, high muscle strength in adolescence significantly decreased the risk of CVD in middle age (HR=1.31).

Other Topics in Cardiology

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