Accuracy of cardiac output measurements during off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: according to the vessel anastomosis sites

Korean Journal of Anesthesiology, 06/08/2012

Park SY et al. – In the beating heart procedure, stat cardiac output (CO) mode (SCO), continuous CO mode (CCO), arterial pressure waveform–based CO estimation (APCO) showed different correlations according to the vessel anastomosis sites and did not agree with UCCO. CO values from the various measurement techniques should be interpreted with caution during OPCAB.


  • This study was prospectively performed in 25 patients who would be undergoing elective OPCAB.
  • Hemodynamic variables were recorded at the following time points: during left anterior descending (LAD) anastomosis at 1min and 5min; during obtuse marginal (OM) anastomosis at 1min and 5min: and during right coronary artery (RCA) anastomosis at 1min and 5min.
  • The variables measured including the SCO, CCO, APCO, and UCCO.


  • CO measurement techniques showed different correlations according to vessel anastomosis site.
  • However, the percent error observed was higher than the value of 30% postulated by the criteria of Critchley and Critchley during all study periods for all CO measurement techniques.

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