Allergy to betalactam antibiotics in children: results of a 20-year study based on clinical history, skin and challenge tests

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 04/07/2011

Ponvert C et al. Skin tests diagnosed 86% of immediate and 31.6% of non–immediate sensitizations. Cross–reactivity and/or cosensitization among betalactams was diagnosed in 76% and 14.7% of the children with immediate and non–immediate hypersensitivity, respectively. The number of children diagnosed allergic to betalactams decreased with time between the reaction and the work–up, probably because the majority of children with severe and worrying reactions were referred for allergological work–up more promptly than the other children. Sex, age, and atopy were not risk factors for betalactam hypersensitivity.

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