Lidocaine-derivative JMF2-1 prevents ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation by regulating the function and survival of T cells

Clinical & Experimental Allergy, 09/30/2010

Inhalation of the local anaesthetic lidocaine has been suggested to be beneficial for asthmatics, but airway anaesthesia is unpleasant and may exacerbate bronchoconstriction. The previous study showed that inhalation of the lidocaine analogue JMF2–1 can elicit the anti–inflammatory properties of lidocaine without anaesthesia. This prompted further research on the mechanism of action and putative therapeutic application of JMF2–1. Inhalation of JMF2–1 prevents the cardinal features of asthma by reducing TH2 cytokine generation and lung eosinophilic inflammatory infiltrates via local inhibition of T cell function and survival. JMF2–1 may represent a novel therapeutic alternative for asthma control with distinct advantages over local anaesthetics.

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