1Pneumonia in childhood and impaired lung function in adults: a longitudinal studyPediatrics  Clinical Article
2Conjugation of β-glucan markedly increase the immunogencity of meningococcal group Y polysaccharide conjugate vaccineVaccine  Clinical Article
3Prospective, comparative effectiveness trial of cows milk elimination and swallowed fluticasone for pediatric eosinophilic esophagitisDiseases of the Esophagus  Clinical Article
4Comorbidity has no impact on eosinophil inflammation in the upper airways or on severity of the sinonasal disease in patients with nasal polypsClinical Otolaryngology  Clinical Article
5Cough-variant asthma: a diagnostic dilemma in the occupational settingOccupational Medicine  Clinical Article
6Emerging role of IL-16 in cytokine-mediated regulation of multiple sclerosisCytokine  Review Article
7Leishmania donovani skews the CD56+ Natural Killer T cell response during human visceral leishmaniasisCytokine  Clinical Article
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9Evaluation of patients’ expectations and benefits in the treatment of allergic rhinitis with a new tool: The patient benefit index – The BENEFICA studyAllergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology  Full Text  Clinical Article
10L-carnitine supplementation in patients with HIV/AIDS and fatigue: A double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot studyHIV/AIDS - Research and Palliative Care  Full Text  Clinical Article
1Marijuana: The allergen you never knew existedAmerican College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology News
2Scientists override the body's inflammatory responseMonash University News
3Measles vaccine in modified form also effective against Chikungunya virusMedical University of Vienna
4Gorilla origins of the last two AIDS virus lineages confirmedPenn Medicine
5Pregnant women with asthma need to curb urge to ask for antibioticsAmerican College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology News
6Johns Hopkins researchers identify key to tuberculosis resistanceJohns Hopkins Medicine
7Do genes play a role in peanut allergies? New study suggests yesJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
8Scientists discover robust evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome is a biological illnessColumbia University's Mailman School of Public Health News
9SLU researcher prevents type I diabetes in labSaint Louis University Health News
10Growth signal can influence cancer cells' vulnerability to drugs, study suggestsRockefeller University News

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Persistent unfavorable outcomes after mild TBI

As reported in Brain, Behavior, & Immunity, an elevated CRP level was associated with persistent post-concussion syndrome (OR=2.719), persistent psychological problems (OR=1.535), and persistent cognitive impairment (OR=1.687) in patients with mild traumatic brain injury (n=213).

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