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Search the latest Allergy and Immunology news articles and stay current with up-to-the-minute allergy and asthma information. MDLinx medical editors rigorously research a wide range of Allergy and Immunology medical journals dedicated to allergy, asthma, immune deficiencies and other immunologic diseases, then summarize and rank the articles by clinical impact to provide the most valuable literature to you.

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1 Breastfeeding and childhood asthma: Systematic review and meta-analysis American Journal of Epidemiology, April 16, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article

2 Switching patients from other inhaled corticosteroid devices to the Easyhaler: Historical, matched-cohort study of real-life asthma patients Full Text Journal of Asthma and Allergy, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

3 Systematic review on cashew nut allergy Allergy, April 16, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article

4 Feeding difficulties in children with food protein induced gastrointestinal allergies Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

5 Changes to antiretroviral drug regimens during integrated TB–HIV treatment: Results of the SAPiT trial Antiviral Therapy , April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

6 A Listeria-based vaccine that secretes the sand fly salivary protein LJM11 confers long-term protection against vector-transmitted Leishmania major Infection and Immunity, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

7 Bronchodilator response as a hallmark of uncontrolled asthma: A randomised clinical trial Journal of Asthma, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

8 Update on basic and clinical aspects of eosinophilic oesophagitis Gut, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

9 HIV infection and its association with an excess risk of clinical fractures: A nationwide case-control study Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

10 Preventing intense false positive and negative reactions attributed to the principle of ELISA to re-investigate antibody studies in autoimmune diseases Journal of Immunological Methods, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

11 Analysis of lipid levels and changes in body fat distribution in treatment-naive, HIV-1-infected adults treated with rilpivirine or efavirenz over 96 weeks in the ECHO and THRIVE trials Clinical Infectious Diseases, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

12 Introduction and sustained high coverage of the HPV bivalent vaccine leads to a reduction in prevalence of HPV 16/18 and closely related HPV types British Journal of Cancer, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

13 Universal paid leave increases influenza vaccinations among employees in the U.S. Vaccine , April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

14 How common is childhood myasthenia? The UK incidence and prevalence of autoimmune and congenital myasthenia Full Text Archives of Diseases in Childhood, April 16, 2014    Review Article

15 Population-level evidence for an autoimmune etiology of epilepsy JAMA Neurology, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

16 Efficacy of erlotinib plus dendritic cells and cytokine-induced killer cells in maintenance therapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer Journal of Immunotherapy, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

17 HIV-1 vaginal transmission: cell-free or cell-associated virus? American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, April 16, 2014    Review Article

18 The financial and service implications of splitting fixed-dose antiretroviral drugs - a case study International Journal of STD & AIDS, April 16, 2014    Clinical Article

19 Genetic variants in the major histocompatibility complex class I and class II genes are associated with Diisocyanate-induced asthma Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 16, 2014    Review Article

20 Excellent outcome of Aspergillous endophthalmitis in a case of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis Full Text Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, April 16, 2014

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Neonatal microbial diversity decreases risk of eczema

As reported in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, increased microbial diversity during the neonatal period decreases the risk of eczema in infants. Fecal samples were obtained from 98 neonates at 1 week of life and assessed for microbial diversity using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism. Infants with eczema at 12 months of age had less microbial diversity during the neonatal period than infants without eczema.

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Is alopecia areata an autoimmune disease?

As reported in the British Journal of Dermatology, two cytokine genes (IL-2RA and TNF/LTA) which have been implicated in autoimmune diseases are associated with severe alopecia areata. The study involved 768 patients with alopecia areata and 658 controls, and 26 cytokine genes were genotyped.

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Adipokine and Th17 cytokine interactions in psoriasis

As published in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, adipokines and Th17 cytokines have a positive correlation, and may be involved in the pathogenesis of psoriasis even though a link between psoriasis as an autoimmune disease and metabolic syndrome has not been established. The study involved 30 patients with psoriasis and 30 healthy controls. In patients with psoriasis, there are positive associations between resistin and TNF-?, and between IL-22 and adiponectin; there is a negative association between retinol-binding protein 4 and IL-6.

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