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1Scientists uncover new role for neurotransmitter that helps fight infectionImperial College London Health News
2Growth signal can influence cancer cells' vulnerability to drugs, study suggestsRockefeller University News
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5Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) reaffirms recommendation for annual influenza vaccinationCDC
6Researchers find link between inflammation, tissue regeneration and wound repair responseUC San Diego Health System
7New compounds protect nervous system from the structural damage characteristic of multiple sclerosisThe Mount Sinai Hospital
8Liberia-U.S. clinical research partnership opens trial to test Ebola treatmentsNIH News
9HIV latency is not an accident: It is a survival tactic employed by the virusGladstone Institutes News
10TSRI team shows how rare antibody targets Ebola and Marburg virusesScripps Research Institute News

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Persistent unfavorable outcomes after mild TBI

As reported in Brain, Behavior, & Immunity, an elevated CRP level was associated with persistent post-concussion syndrome (OR=2.719), persistent psychological problems (OR=1.535), and persistent cognitive impairment (OR=1.687) in patients with mild traumatic brain injury (n=213).

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